How can we assist you in developing a website.
We are offering our clients an opportunity to be part of today's World Wide Web (WWW) business community. We enable our clients to gain business boost and confidence by creating a strategic marketing website.
We have prepared 3 web design options for different client requirement. The "Basic Package" is for clients who just require a simple design feature, yet effective in promoting their product & services. The second option is the "Advance package" which cater to clients who require a more distinguished and unique corporate web design with more information. The final option, the "Corporate package" caters to clients who need further advance customization.

How to make an order for our web design package?
Please drop us a call at: Phone: (6012) 229 7665 Fax: (603) 8737 7184 or Email: sale@e-venturedesign.com

Web Design Services

Basic Package

Advance Package

Corporate Package

Web Design Fees

RM 800

RM 1400


No. of pages (A4 size)




Interface Design




Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Images (scanning Provided) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Animated Gif Yes Yes Yes
HTML Implementation Yes Yes Yes
JavaScript Implementation Yes Yes Yes
ASP Implementation No Yes Yes
CGI Implementation Yes Yes Yes
Rollover Buttons Yes Yes Yes
Administrator Page No Yes Yes
Web Hosting (1st year Only) Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Submission Yes Yes Yes
Flash Animation Intro Yes (basic) Yes Yes
Domain registration (1st year Only)   Yes   Yes   Yes
Optional Maintenance Service:
Existing Page
FREE for Minor Changes
Additional Page (A4)
RM 120 (20% Discount above 10 page)
Monthly Maintenance Available
Call (Discounts on Yearly Payment Basis)